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Akhran Girmay is a Bristol based Illustrator and graduate of Falmouth University in Cornwall. He is enthralled by storytelling from ancient mythologies and enjoys himself the act of world building, using a mixture of fantasy and folktales to create areas for escapism. Through these processes he takes inspiration from both his own authored narratives as well as pre-existing texts. Often his stylistic objective is to produce textured and coarse illustrations through use of traditional media and with a focus on dynamic and bold characterisations.


Whilst his work tends to pivot around fictional narratives, Akhran also creates space and time for contemporary projects with more socio-political elements interwoven into the subject matters.


FAB Prize 2020 

Faber and Faber and Andlyn award Akhran Girmay Second Prize in Illustration

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Folklore Exhibition 2018 at Hamilton House

Falmouth BA hons Illustration Degree Show 2016 

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